How To Make Smoked BBQ Ribs on the Grill

How To Make Smoked BBQ RibsA couple of weeks ago Tristan learned how to make smoked BBQ ribs on the grill and in this “Cooking with Tristan” video he shows you how easy it is. We visited our friend Vickie Grigsby’s home and she walked Tristan through the steps. This was also the same time we filmed “How to Make Onion Rings with Horseradish Sauce Dip”. It was a long afternoon of good times with a good friend. – Did you know that if you marinate your baby back ribs in apple cider it is a great tenderizer? If you want to see the video visit, and if you need the recipe so you can follow along and find out any tips that may have been missed while filming, visit Cooking with Tristan’s – How To Make Smoked BBQ Ribs recipe.