How To Make Shrimp Scampi on Cooking with Tristan

This Shrimp Scampi Recipe with Angel Hair Pasta is absolutely delicious! We had to make it twice in one week it was so yummy. If you use wheat Angel Hair Pasta instead of just regular Angel Hair Pasta, it will be healthier. When we used the regular pasta, it turned almost doughy, the wheat version was stronger and tasted much better. Also, the first time we used pre-cooked shrimp that was frozen, and just de-peeled it. It tasted just as good as the shrimp we used  the 2nd time that was white shrimp, not pre-cooked. So whatever will make it easier for you, will work. If you have a bit more money, buying shrimp that is already peeled and devained, will save you about 15 minutes.  Give this recipe a try and let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you.