Fresh Salsa Recipe a huge hit for Cinco de Mayo

Did you know that salsa is America’s favorite condiment? The word “salsa” is the Spanish word for sauce. Turn up the heat and make this Fresh Salsa Recipe from “Cooking with Tristan”. The ingredients and instructions are very simple, and it will be a huge hit at your next Mexican Fiesta. Spice it up with more garlic and jalapeno or use a little less. Take the basics and adjust them to your tastes. This recipe is a huge hit, and mixed with fresh avocados, it makes a very tasty guacamole!  For the full recipe and list of ingredients or to see more recipes visit Tell us what you think by giving us a “Like” on Facebook.

Tomato Pie – Great Appetizer!

When you are looking for something to make fairly quick when unexpected guests stop by, or a nice little appetizer to drink with wine on a Sunday afternoon, this Tomato Pie is delicious. Tristan shows you in easy step by steps how to make Tomato Pie. Check out “Cooking with Tristan” on video on YouTube or review the recipe at Gourmet Food Gift People.