Custom Popcorn Gifts Selected as Thank you by Charitable Organization – Case Study

custom popcorn gifts with custom logo on the labelChallenge: A charitable organization that provides assistance for seriously ill or injured children who must travel far distances for specialized care includes many different branches, one of the most important being the nonprofit organizations that take many hours out of their busy days to help the charity in any way they can. The charity wanted to do something special for some select nonprofits that have contributed significantly to the betterment of the program, especially in their fundraising endeavors. After speaking with their promotional product distributor, they decided that they wanted to utilize popcorn gifts.  

Solution: The promotional product distributor went through several product lines and discerned several items that they believed would work. The team presented these products to the executives of the Charity and both concluded that one product in particular struck a nerve. The gourmet custom popcorn single was chosen as the gifts to send to the nonprofits. A four-color process label is affixed to the front of the bag, while the pre-popped popcorn comes in either butter or cheese. The team elected to send an equal amount of both flavors to each nonprofit address. The label included the charity’s logo with text below thanking the organization for their continued hard work.

Result: The custom popcorn gift thank you was greatly appreciated by all recipients. After receiving the gift, several of the companies responded with kind thank you notes in regard to the item and some even remarked on the freshness and taste of the popcorn. The charity reported a spike in volunteer numbers after the promotion and noted that the number of employees in the nonprofit companies that received the gift went up dramatically. Now, not all of this can be attributed to the popcorn single, but the word of mouth definitely helped. The charity was incredibly happy with the promotion and the product selected. They praised the team for their hard work and dedication in finding the right product at the right price. They were so pleased with the product that they considering using the same promotion sometime soon, but sending the items to different nonprofit organizations.

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