A Branded Ceramic Knife Makes a Unique Corporate Gift

Kyocera Ceramic Knife

Add Your Corporate Logo to one of these Ceramic Knives

One of Tristan’s favorite tools in the kitchen is a Kyocera ceramic knife. He learned about the benefits of ceramic knives when he was taking a cooking class at a local cooking center here in our area. Ceramic knives do not brown your vegetables after they have been sliced because there are no metal ions in the blade to cause oxidization to your veggies.  A ceramic knife is very sharp and they don’t rust like steel knives.

Ceramic knives can be laser engraved with your corporate logo. Did you know that 58% of people keep kitchen promotional items like a logo ceramic knife from 1 to over 4 years? This means that logo kitchen cutlery delivers impressive repeat exposure and recall of the company that gave the item to them. Add your logo to a ceramic knife by Kyocera. These knives weigh less than stainless steel knives are rust proof and will never brown foods or absorb acids, oils or salts.

For more information on how to add your logo to this unique corporate gift idea, visit: www.GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com today!