How To Make Your Own Gourmet Pizza

Pizza with Veggies and MeatWho doesn’t love Pizza? It is the dinner of choice on Friday nights at our house, and I am sure on Sunday’s during football season – who knows, maybe it is the food of choice for all sporting events that are watched on TV at home. Instead of ordering pizza out next time, you should try making your own pizza.  There are so many recipes out on the internet that you can get some great ideas for sauce and really go to town.  That is what Tristan did this past weekend – He created his own delicious pizza sauce.

Who would have thought that honey would help enhance the taste of the pizza sauce? It is the secret little ingredient to a delicious tasting sauce. In the first pizza with all the veggies, a ¼ cup of honey was used and the taste was a nice sweet blend. Only one of three boys didn’t like the sweetness, but it did go very well with a glass of wine.

On the second pizza an 1/8th of a cup of honey was used in the recipe and it was not as sweet, but the taste was still very pleasant. Everyone really liked the veggie and meat pizza the best, but make the recipe yourself and you decide.

If you want to see how Tristan created this delicious gourmet pizza, and see the notes about what he learned about creating his very own pizza sauce you can see the recipe and the video right now!