New Corporate Gift Idea – Engraved Maple Syrup

Corporate Gift IdeaWe go to a lot of trade shows during the year and we see a lot of the same  corporate gift ideas over an over. However, we came across a new product that we think will be very popular this year, especially during the holiday season.  Pure Canadian Maple Syrup in engraved bottles. It doesn’t sound like much until you actually see the engraved bottles for yourself.  There are four different shapes, everything from a maple leaf design in four different sizes, a tall thin bottle- like those you would see for Olive Oil or designer vinegar, a jug shape bottle of syrup and a fat oval shape.  Each of the maple syrup bottles have cute names for each design, but the actual look and the taste of the delicious syrup inside is what makes these corporate gifts so unique.  For more information and pricing visit: