Create a Collectible Holiday Business Gift

Does your business have something to do with transportation? Do you have trucks out on the road delivering goods or services? There are many hand crafted trucks, semi-trailers, and trains that can have your logo imprinted on the side of these collectible gifts and shipped with candy or nuts to your recipient. Each year you can build upon this by sending different types of vehicles. Each year your gift will be anticipated as they wonder what type of vehicle will be added to their collection.

Cookie tins are another holiday business gift collectible idea. So many people collect cookie tins. They use them as decorations for the holiday season, they re-gift them and they use them to keep the cookies they bake during the holidays fresh.  Start a tradition by designing your own full color cookie tin. Have a contest with your employees or clients for the design each year to make them extra special. Don’t forget to add the year, so everyone will know when the cookies were given.

Either way, you now have a holiday gift your business clients can look forward to receiving.