Executive Cookie Boxes for Everyday Appreciation or Holiday Gifts

Delicious gourmet cookies in a gift box hot stamped with your logo and matching ribbon.

Delicious gourmet cookies in a gift box hot stamped with your logo and matching ribbon.

Are your taste buds happy? Our Executive Cookie Boxes could be the masterpiece you have been looking for.  Each Executive Cookie Box comes generously filled with your choice of chocolate chip cookies, or a mixture of white macadamia, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and chocolate cookies in the same box. You can taste the difference with our award winning recipe!  Each large cookie provides you with approximately 3” of mouth watering taste. We can decorate each cookie box with a sophisticated hot stamp or a screen print of your logo on the lid of the box and match the hot stamp color to ribbon tied on to the cookie box, which makes it the perfect gift for your special customer.

There are many box and ribbon colors to match your brand. These Executive Cookie Boxes are often used to thank a customer for their business throughout the year or as a tasteful gift during the holiday season. Cookie gifts are also a great way to show your employees you appreciate them.  To see more cookie designs and box colors visit www.GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com today!  Also check out all our cookie gift packaging!

Want to see the video on these cookie gifts? Take a Look!

Business Thank you Gift Idea: Golden Favorites Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Golden Favorites filled with Chocolate Pretzels

Business Food Gift Idea: Chocolate covered pretzels

Whoever said, “You can never have enough gold” knew something about the golden favorite’s gourmet food gift. Your company can make a favorable impression with the clear elegant gift box filled with 6 delicious fresh dipped chocolate covered pretzels. This upscale gift box features stylish gold trim and a prominent gold hot stamp of your logo.  The golden favorites gift box can also be filled with a wide variety of nuts like pistachios or cashews, or chocolate truffles.  Ask us about our USA Made candies that can also be included in these gift boxes.

This product is often used to thank a customer for their business throughout the year, or as a special gift for the holiday season.  What a tasteful way to show your employees you appreciate them!

For more food gift ideas visit: www.GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com

Olive Oil Gifts and Balsamic Vinegar Corporate Gift Ideas

We just added a line of Olive Oil Gifts and Balsamic Vinegar in engraved bottles to our gourmet food gift line. These are the most beautiful bottles! I am not sure that I would want to open one if I received these as a gift because they are so pretty. The nice thing about this type of gift is that if I did open them up and used all the olive oil and balsamic vinegar I could go out and purchase my favorite flavors and refill the gorgeous bottles.  This is one gift that could last a really long time.

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar personalized with your logo are two of the hottest categories in food today with a very high perceived value. These olive oil gifts are of exceptional quality. The longevity of the bottle and the visibility of your message is tremendous!  And another great feature is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil has many health benefits, including:

• Reduced blood pressure • Lower cholesterol• Lower risk of heart disease• Higher level of antioxidants.  Hang tags are also available for an additional cost. Contact CEShoppes for pricing and additional information. All prices include deep etch and a single Colorfill. Set up fees apply. They also come packaged in our very nice black Vanguard Gift Box.

Visit GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com to see the beautiful bottles in many shapes and sizes.

New Corporate Gift Idea – Engraved Maple Syrup

Corporate Gift IdeaWe go to a lot of trade shows during the year and we see a lot of the same  corporate gift ideas over an over. However, we came across a new product that we think will be very popular this year, especially during the holiday season.  Pure Canadian Maple Syrup in engraved bottles. It doesn’t sound like much until you actually see the engraved bottles for yourself.  There are four different shapes, everything from a maple leaf design in four different sizes, a tall thin bottle- like those you would see for Olive Oil or designer vinegar, a jug shape bottle of syrup and a fat oval shape.  Each of the maple syrup bottles have cute names for each design, but the actual look and the taste of the delicious syrup inside is what makes these corporate gifts so unique.  For more information and pricing visit: http://GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com

Custom Chocolates as Holiday Business Gifts

Give the gift of custom chocolates as holiday business gifts. When you add your logo and beautiful packaging, its gift giving made simple!

Make a BIG impression with our 2 lb custom chocolate gift bars – These chocolate gift bars are our most talked about gift. Some say they are almost too beautiful to eat – But they will eventually give in to temptation and they will remember your thoughtfulness long after the candy is gone!

When you can’t decide whether to give milk chocolate or dark chocolate why not send BOTH in the same gift? Two tone chocolate gift bars feature a dark chocolate centerpiece in different shapes and sizes and are engraved with your logo. Your logo is then highlighted by a creamy milk chocolate background and wrapped in the packaging of your choice like a full color box or a designer holiday gift box with bow.

For something really extraordinary – send premium truffles. Handmade truffles made in our own factories, in an array of sizes, packaging and flavors. These truffles can be sent in small packages with your logo on the box lid all the way up to our larger truffles that feature a delicious chocolate centerpiece with your logo engraved in the middle surrounded by flavorful chocolate truffles. And if you’re looking for brand name recognition in truffles, send Godiva Chocolates or Lindt Truffles in unique packaging with your logo – an easy co-brand for the holiday season!

During the holiday season you may need to send a gift that can be shared with everyone in the whole office. A chocolate assortment is a great way to go. These chocolate assortments feature dark & milk chocolate squares surrounding an engraved centerpiece with your logo or you can replace the dark and milk chocolate squares with delicious candy confections or premium nuts. The choice is yours!

And let’s not forget a gift of scrumptious chocolate covered logo cookies!! A variety of packaging is available including Currier and Ives tins, as well as beautiful gift boxes to complete this holiday business gift presentation.

To see more Custom Chocolates as Holiday Business Gifts – visit: http://www.gourmetfoodgiftpeople.com/Logochocolategifts.asp

Create a Collectible Holiday Business Gift

Does your business have something to do with transportation? Do you have trucks out on the road delivering goods or services? There are many hand crafted trucks, semi-trailers, and trains that can have your logo imprinted on the side of these collectible gifts and shipped with candy or nuts to your recipient. Each year you can build upon this by sending different types of vehicles. Each year your gift will be anticipated as they wonder what type of vehicle will be added to their collection.

Cookie tins are another holiday business gift collectible idea. So many people collect cookie tins. They use them as decorations for the holiday season, they re-gift them and they use them to keep the cookies they bake during the holidays fresh.  Start a tradition by designing your own full color cookie tin. Have a contest with your employees or clients for the design each year to make them extra special. Don’t forget to add the year, so everyone will know when the cookies were given.

Either way, you now have a holiday gift your business clients can look forward to receiving.

9 Facts to Know Before Purchasing Holiday Corporate Food Gifts

Food Gifts are the number one business gift of the holiday season. Businesses purchase more holiday gifts during the months of November and December than they do all year.  CEShoppes®, has been in the food business for over 15 years – we actually started with our own food gift business before the addition of corporate logo business gifts. We understand our customers’ needs and we taste every food item before we add it to our Gourmet Food Gift webshoppe.  Our Maple Ridge Farms Business Food Gift line is the most requested, with the most repeat business year after year.  Here are 9 facts that tell you why you should order from CEShoppes®, a distinguished distributor for Maple Ridge Farms.
1. Convenience! Instead of sending an employee to the local retail store or having them spend hours on the internet trying to find just the right gifts – CEShoppes®, Gourmet Food Gift People webshoppe has hundreds of food gift items in a multitude of price points.

2. Gifts, from our Maple Ridge Farms line promotes your company and brand, not that of CEShoppes® or a big name retailer like many mail order companies do. When the recipient opens their gifts, the first thing they’ll see is your logo.

3. As with all our promotional food gift lines we have value driven pricing. Volume purchasing and the absence of certain middle-men, allows you to purchase fine quality Maple Ridge Farms gifts for less than you would have to pay elsewhere for stuffy overpriced brand names.

4. Fresher gifts taste better! Our gifts are packed to order just before the order is shipped. NOT made up many months in advance like so many gifts from the mail- order and retail giants.

5. Our Maple Ridge Farms business food gifts are jammed packed full of the finest premium chocolates, fresh-roasted nuts and other gourmet goodies. Not filled with fluff, air and inexpensive fillers like gifts from so many mail-order and retail companies.

6. We are experts at drop shipping! With every corporate food gift we offer, we have the ability to ship your gifts directly to your recipient. We can even enclose your greeting or business card.

7. No catalogs or promotional literature in your client’s gifts. For the giant food gift companies, including their catalog and promotional literature is a very common practice. We never put your catalog or promotional literature in your gifts.

8. Maple Ridge Farms will build customized gifts to meet your taste, promotion or budget.

9. No risk. . . because all gifts come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Call us today for your Free Maple Ridge Catalog, and Save 10% on your Maple Ridge Farms Corporate Food Gift Order when placed by October 14, 2011!

Corporate Cookie Gifts Make Great Business Holiday Gifts

Add your company logo and message to make your tin uniqueThink about the number of times you have received food gifts during the holiday season. Do you remember how good the food tasted? Do you remember who sent you the gift? Corporate cookie gifts make wonderful business gifts. Long ago when business was at its peak, companies used to send individual gifts to their clients.  But now with budgets still considered tight, many businesses have opted to send a larger gift for an office to share, instead of to one recipient.

When selecting a cookie company, make sure they actually manufacturer the cookies you will be sending or at least package them fresh from the oven the same day they ship. Often times, especially with the big box stores, and the specialty clubs the cookie gifts are package months ahead and filled with preservatives, so that when your customer receives your gift it doesn’t taste fresh, the way it should. A good cookie manufacturer will bake cookies and ship them on the same day. This way your recipient will receive the freshest quality gift and remember who sent it to them.

Now is the time to start thinking about ordering cookie samples. Be prepared to pay for the cookie samples and/or shipping costs.   Some companies may also offer to send you a spec sample with your logo or design so you can get a feel for how your design will look once you have placed your order. Four color process canisters can be used as commemorative collector canisters, come up with a new design each year, add the date and now you have a tin that your clients will look forward to adding to their collection – they are also perfect for weddings, thank you gifts, company anniversaries, corporate outings and holiday gifts.  If you want your tins sure to be kept, make sure that your photo or 4 color art is actually printed right on the lid, not placed on a label or a sticker.

Sunshine Toast and Toaster

Add a little Sunshine to your morning with our Sunshine ToasterWe just added this new Sunshine Toaster to our collection of corporate gifts for 2011. The toaster is a great item to add to your office lunchroom, or provide as gifts to your customer’s for their home or office kitchens. The cute little Sunshine design is burned right in to the toast – a very happy way to start each day. Your company logo can be added very subtly to the toaster. And if you really want to be bold, you can have a special die created so that your corporate logo can be burned in to the toast instead of the happy sunshine.

Save on Holiday Business Food Gifts with Christmas in July

Maple Ridge Farms New ItemCEShoppes® has thousands of gift ideas for your clients and your employees.  Our Christmas in July promotional sale can save you a lot of money on your holiday business gifts. Order prior to August 15 and you will receive EQP on your entire holiday gift order. That means a huge savings for your holiday gift list. In case you are not sure what EQP is, it just means that if you order at least the minimum quantity for the item you want to send to your business customers or employees – you will pay the amount shown in the far right column. An example is shown on the Official Christmas in July promotions rules page.

Giving gourmet cookies, logo chocolates or a tower of treats to a few people or a few hundred people is very easy! Place your order, give us your list as the time gets closer to your ship date and we do all the work. We can even insert greeting cards, or logo items in with your personalized gifts and ship them directly to your recipients.

Food gifts are the number 1 business gift for the holiday season. Instead of promoting the name of David or Harry or Ms. Fields, Beasly or any other large food gift company who prints their name all over the packaging, promote your company name with logo ribbon, logo chocolate gifts, and logo tins. You want your customers to remember you, not them.

New food related gift items are being added to our gourmet food gift website over the next week. We are very excited about all of the new offerings, and we are sure that your business customers will love these delicious gifts too: Things like Cheesecake Samplers, Italian Style Cheeses with nuts and truffles, and our new sugar coated bling cookies are just some of the new food gift ideas that will be added this month.