Executive Cookie Boxes for Everyday Appreciation or Holiday Gifts

Delicious gourmet cookies in a gift box hot stamped with your logo and matching ribbon.

Delicious gourmet cookies in a gift box hot stamped with your logo and matching ribbon.

Are your taste buds happy? Our Executive Cookie Boxes could be the masterpiece you have been looking for.  Each Executive Cookie Box comes generously filled with your choice of chocolate chip cookies, or a mixture of white macadamia, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and chocolate cookies in the same box. You can taste the difference with our award winning recipe!  Each large cookie provides you with approximately 3” of mouth watering taste. We can decorate each cookie box with a sophisticated hot stamp or a screen print of your logo on the lid of the box and match the hot stamp color to ribbon tied on to the cookie box, which makes it the perfect gift for your special customer.

There are many box and ribbon colors to match your brand. These Executive Cookie Boxes are often used to thank a customer for their business throughout the year or as a tasteful gift during the holiday season. Cookie gifts are also a great way to show your employees you appreciate them.  To see more cookie designs and box colors visit www.GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com today!  Also check out all our cookie gift packaging!

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Business Thank you Gift Idea: Golden Favorites Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Golden Favorites filled with Chocolate Pretzels

Business Food Gift Idea: Chocolate covered pretzels

Whoever said, “You can never have enough gold” knew something about the golden favorite’s gourmet food gift. Your company can make a favorable impression with the clear elegant gift box filled with 6 delicious fresh dipped chocolate covered pretzels. This upscale gift box features stylish gold trim and a prominent gold hot stamp of your logo.  The golden favorites gift box can also be filled with a wide variety of nuts like pistachios or cashews, or chocolate truffles.  Ask us about our USA Made candies that can also be included in these gift boxes.

This product is often used to thank a customer for their business throughout the year, or as a special gift for the holiday season.  What a tasteful way to show your employees you appreciate them!

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How Promotional Gourmet Cookies Can Help with A Company Merger

Gourmet Cookie Gift Basket Tower

Purpose: To announce the Harleysville merger with Nationwide to their 1400 independent Agents.

Action: This merger took place during the hot summer months, so the company selected products that would ship great year round without cold packing. The large Heatwave Assortment, filled with an assortment of gourmet cookies, candies, trail mixes and nuts was topper with a regular tin filled with Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies. The lids were imprinted using the theme of “One Sweet Combination” and the tins were towered together with a festive cello wrap and coordinating bow.  The package was completed with a matching card imprinted with a special message inside welcoming the agents to the Nationwide team.

The customer provided a drop ship list so that the cookie factory individually drop shipped all 1400 towers across the north east. Start to finish, the entire project took less than 2 weeks!

Results: The custom towers of treats were shared among the Independent Agent Offices creating positive conversation and awareness of the merger.

For more positive results ideas on how you can use gourmet food to help with a company merger, a grand opening, and incentive program, or a way to thank your customers for purchasing your product and as holiday gifts, give CEShoppes® a call today 888.249.0420 or visit us at www.GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com

A Branded Ceramic Knife Makes a Unique Corporate Gift

Kyocera Ceramic Knife

Add Your Corporate Logo to one of these Ceramic Knives

One of Tristan’s favorite tools in the kitchen is a Kyocera ceramic knife. He learned about the benefits of ceramic knives when he was taking a cooking class at a local cooking center here in our area. Ceramic knives do not brown your vegetables after they have been sliced because there are no metal ions in the blade to cause oxidization to your veggies.  A ceramic knife is very sharp and they don’t rust like steel knives.

Ceramic knives can be laser engraved with your corporate logo. Did you know that 58% of people keep kitchen promotional items like a logo ceramic knife from 1 to over 4 years? This means that logo kitchen cutlery delivers impressive repeat exposure and recall of the company that gave the item to them. Add your logo to a ceramic knife by Kyocera. These knives weigh less than stainless steel knives are rust proof and will never brown foods or absorb acids, oils or salts.

For more information on how to add your logo to this unique corporate gift idea, visit: www.GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com today!

Custom Candy Bags

Custom Candy BagsDon’t underestimate the power of a good value. Custom Candy window bags are an affordable gourmet food gift. Each re-closeable window bag comes with a one color hot stamp of your logo or a full color gift card attached with a gold bow. What an elegant way to show your clients you care! These personalized candy bags are perfect for the holiday season, but are often used throughout the year to thank your customers or employees or used to leave behind something sweet when making a sales call.

Custom candy window bags are available in multiple colors and designs and can be filled with a variety of candy, chocolates, nuts or pretzels.  To see all custom candy and other food fills, and each different window bag design visit: www.GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com

Olive Oil Gifts and Balsamic Vinegar Corporate Gift Ideas

We just added a line of Olive Oil Gifts and Balsamic Vinegar in engraved bottles to our gourmet food gift line. These are the most beautiful bottles! I am not sure that I would want to open one if I received these as a gift because they are so pretty. The nice thing about this type of gift is that if I did open them up and used all the olive oil and balsamic vinegar I could go out and purchase my favorite flavors and refill the gorgeous bottles.  This is one gift that could last a really long time.

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar personalized with your logo are two of the hottest categories in food today with a very high perceived value. These olive oil gifts are of exceptional quality. The longevity of the bottle and the visibility of your message is tremendous!  And another great feature is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil has many health benefits, including:

• Reduced blood pressure • Lower cholesterol• Lower risk of heart disease• Higher level of antioxidants.  Hang tags are also available for an additional cost. Contact CEShoppes for pricing and additional information. All prices include deep etch and a single Colorfill. Set up fees apply. They also come packaged in our very nice black Vanguard Gift Box.

Visit GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com to see the beautiful bottles in many shapes and sizes.

New Corporate Gift Idea – Engraved Maple Syrup

Corporate Gift IdeaWe go to a lot of trade shows during the year and we see a lot of the same  corporate gift ideas over an over. However, we came across a new product that we think will be very popular this year, especially during the holiday season.  Pure Canadian Maple Syrup in engraved bottles. It doesn’t sound like much until you actually see the engraved bottles for yourself.  There are four different shapes, everything from a maple leaf design in four different sizes, a tall thin bottle- like those you would see for Olive Oil or designer vinegar, a jug shape bottle of syrup and a fat oval shape.  Each of the maple syrup bottles have cute names for each design, but the actual look and the taste of the delicious syrup inside is what makes these corporate gifts so unique.  For more information and pricing visit: http://GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com

Custom Popcorn Gifts Selected as Thank you by Charitable Organization – Case Study

custom popcorn gifts with custom logo on the labelChallenge: A charitable organization that provides assistance for seriously ill or injured children who must travel far distances for specialized care includes many different branches, one of the most important being the nonprofit organizations that take many hours out of their busy days to help the charity in any way they can. The charity wanted to do something special for some select nonprofits that have contributed significantly to the betterment of the program, especially in their fundraising endeavors. After speaking with their promotional product distributor, they decided that they wanted to utilize popcorn gifts.  

Solution: The promotional product distributor went through several product lines and discerned several items that they believed would work. The team presented these products to the executives of the Charity and both concluded that one product in particular struck a nerve. The gourmet custom popcorn single was chosen as the gifts to send to the nonprofits. A four-color process label is affixed to the front of the bag, while the pre-popped popcorn comes in either butter or cheese. The team elected to send an equal amount of both flavors to each nonprofit address. The label included the charity’s logo with text below thanking the organization for their continued hard work.

Result: The custom popcorn gift thank you was greatly appreciated by all recipients. After receiving the gift, several of the companies responded with kind thank you notes in regard to the item and some even remarked on the freshness and taste of the popcorn. The charity reported a spike in volunteer numbers after the promotion and noted that the number of employees in the nonprofit companies that received the gift went up dramatically. Now, not all of this can be attributed to the popcorn single, but the word of mouth definitely helped. The charity was incredibly happy with the promotion and the product selected. They praised the team for their hard work and dedication in finding the right product at the right price. They were so pleased with the product that they considering using the same promotion sometime soon, but sending the items to different nonprofit organizations.

See GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com for more popcorn gift ideas

Car Dealership Uses Chocolate Covered Pretzel Gifts to Say Thank You

Chocolate covered pretzel gifts, custom pretzels in logo tinChallenge: A local car dealership has been serving their region for over thirty years. The dealership has always taken pride in their superb customer service and employees that have been with the company for decades. It is a community institution and the company wanted to do something special at the end of the year for their most loyal of customers. Most clients have been with the dealership for as long as the some of the employees. It seems like once a customer bought a car from them, they have refused to buy a vehicle from anyone else due to the quality customer service and the dependability of the product. As a company, the dealership endured an extremely tough year with the prevalent vehicle recalls, so they wanted to do something special to ensure that their customers would remain committed to the dealership. They contacted a promotional product distributor.  

Solution: The promotional product distributor felt that a gourmet food gift would be the best fit for dealership. In the end, dealership decided to use a tin filled with chocolate covered mini pretzels. The dealership decided that they would give the product to customers that have been with them for over ten years. The gift would be sent after Christmas for the New Year, symbolizing another year with the business. The outside of the tin had their logo and the inside of the tin was a customized greeting card.  

Result: The customers that received the gift couldn’t believe the generosity of the dealership. The owners remarked that every time a client would come in for service or a tune-up, they would go on about the tins and the delicious pretzels.  

To see these delicious chocolate covered pretzels and other gift candy tin ideas, visit us at GourmetFoodGiftPeople.com

Educational Company Uses Custom Imprinted Pill Bottles to Educate

Custom Imprint Candy Prescription BottleChallenge: Find a memorable custom imprinted product to be used as a sales force leave-behind gift. Educating young children isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Children learn at different rates and respond to different techniques, but it’s often difficult to determine what works best for a specific child. That’s where this particular education company comes in. They have developed precise testing methods which give teachers the data they need to make helpful changes in their instruction methods. In order to expand their customer base, they wanted a unique promotional product that could be tied in to a simple marketing message: “There’s no magic pill that can solve education problems, only effective teaching”. Members of the sales team would take this promotion to meetings, where they could use it as a leave-behind item to keep prospects thinking about the opportunity. To find an unforgettable item, they called up their promotional products distributor. 

Solution: Custom imprinted promotional prescription pill bottles filled with candy mints, were just what the doctor ordered! The promotional distributor knew that in this case, a typical promotional product like pens or post-it notes just wouldn’t cut it. The education company needed a creative promotion that would stick in the minds of their prospects and encourage them to make the purchase. After careful deliberation, they decided on a custom prescription pill bottles filled with candy mints. The item was certainly unique, but it was the label imprint on the bottles that really sealed the deal which included a free trial offer:

Result: Prospects loved the novel promotional item; many were excited to take advantage of the free trial offer. The candy pill bottles were a huge hit with clients and prospects, who continuously remarked on the creativity of the idea. The education company was thrilled to have such an affordable and useful marketing tool and they were excited about the effectiveness of their message. The company reported that many people took advantage of the free trial offer after they were given a pill bottle.

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