How to Make Ms. BJ’s Frito Pie – Cooking with Tristan

Frito PieMs BJ’s Frito pie is the most asked about appetizer for parties, and unexpected guests – and it is quick and easy to make.  Do you ever have an unexpected house full of teenagers? This happens at our house all the time. My oldest son, Tristan brings home his friends without giving us the heads up and of course while they are here they get hungry. What teenager doesn’t get hungry all the time? Ms. BJ’s Frito pie is the answer to the problem.

 Sometimes you just don’t have chips in the house and you don’t always want the kids eating a lot of junk food. Ms. BJ’s Frito Pie has cheese and chili without beans and the kids love it every time we make it. The ingredients are something you can stock up on with a quick trip to Sam’s Club or Costco. This works the best with scoops as that is really the way they eat it without dirtying up your dishes, but any corn chip will do if you don’t have the name brand in the house. Check out Cooking with Tristan on youtube for the how to or visit for the actual recipe, and other recipes from Cooking with Tristan.

Use Custom Logo Candy to Market your Business

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How to Make Colleen’s Apple Bundt Cake – Cooking with Tristan

The story behind this recipe is sweet. Colleen is the wife of Ray, a classmate of Tristan’s Grandmother (St. Louis High School – Mt. Clemens, Mi). Every year on Ray’s birthday he asks Colleen to make his favorite birthday cake. So, every year for over 45 years, Colleen has been making – “Colleen’s Apple Bundt Cake” for her husband and now, for the first time, Tristan is going to show you step-by-step how to make this delicious cake a tradition for your family.  For the full recipe go to: — Enjoy!!